Why Does Dancing Make You Feel So Good?

Have you ever noticed that when you dance you smile?

Emotionally, dancing has got you covered! When you dance your body releases endorphins. This is a chemical that trigger’s positive energy and good vibes! It helps improve our emotional state and reduce our perception of pain. So basically, dancing is your cure for happiness!















So how else does it improve your wellbeing?

  • Physically dancing is one of the best forms of exercise you can do. You’re moving your whole body and using muscles you haven’t used before to move that booty the way you want!
  • Cognitively dancing shifts your minds focus. It helps you to tune out and take a step back from the daily rise and grind. It’s an uncomplicated happiness that improves your spatial awareness and is the best way to end your day!
  • Socially you get to interact with a new group of people and connect on something that makes you all feel good! Personally, I feel less pressure and it gives me a confidence boost because even though I may get the choreography wrong (a lot!) we laugh and make it a fun experience! It also challenges you to express yourself in a new environment. Everyone involved becomes your support and you become their’s. #Squadgoals!











We understand that every work environment can be stressful, so our aim is to help you escape your day and finish it with some great people dancing to some fabulous tunes at FIFD!

At the end of the day, dancing makes us feel good because it’s just a lot of fun!

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      Hi Joshua, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Keep an eye out for more content 🙂


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