Five Fashion Items To SLAY In Your Next Dance Class!

This blog goes out to all the women feeling like they want to spice things with their usual go-to dance outfit!

Ladies, we feel you! We all want to be comfortable and move easily when we dance. So what do we wear to achieve that? The answer is our active wear! Yes! We’re talking aboutthose same leggings and tops that you reach for each week.

Now we are comfortable and movability is awesome but before you leave you stare at yourself in the mirror and your not feeling very SLAY-worthy.

So what can you do to shake things up a bit? What’s acceptable and will look good?

Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got you covered!

Here are five items to help you spice up your dance wardrobe!

  1. The Flanno Wrap – This thing has power! Tie it around your waste to add some colour and give that booty a little something extra for those pops!
  2. The Crop Top – Another great way to add a pop of colour! Rock that black outfit with a cute coloured crop to add some flavor to those milkshakes!
  3. Heel Sneakers – Not only do they make your legs look amazing but you will also slay that Beyoncé strut!
  4. Braids – Fierce. Fabulous. Fashionable!
  5. Caps – The statement piece. A great accessory to play around with when you’re dancing!

Now you’re ready to SLAY on the dance floor and these items will not disappoint! We can’t wait to see you strut your stuff in your new look at our next FIFD class!

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