Dance & Fitness

2017 Christmas Dance Party

We heated up Christmas with a sexy burlesque routine to “Santa Baby” by the Pussycat Dolls! As our FIFD Tribe entered the room it was clear that red lipstick was the trend of the night to match our sexy Santa costumes and red activewear. We started the night off indulging in pink fairy floss decorated champagne and candy canes to

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2017, the year of slay!

2017 has been our FIERCEST year yet! It wouldn’t have been the same without you. Here’s a little recap so that when you’re old and grey you can see how well you used to SLAY!! Here’s the year that was in under 280 words… STATS: We taught over 150 weekly classes Out of that 150, we had 10 Beyonce Beginner’s

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Age Aint Nothin’ But A Number!

I would love to do a dance class but I’m too old!…Is this you? Dance is a choice, with no expiration date! Maybe you were a dancer as a child and you’re wanting to get back into it. Or maybe you never had the chance to dance and have an itch to give it a go! Whatever the circumstances, it’s

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