Age Aint Nothin’ But A Number!

I would love to do a dance class but I’m too old!…Is this you?

Dance is a choice, with no expiration date! Maybe you were a dancer as a child and you’re wanting to get back into it. Or maybe you never had the chance to dance and have an itch to give it a go! Whatever the circumstances, it’s time for you to SLAY in your own way!

We understand it can be daunting to step out of your comfort zone. But the best thing about fear is it tells you what you have to do! Now it’s time to feel fearless!

We provide a fun environment where you are surrounded by a group of fierce females who just want to dance! Let’s face it, girls just want to have fun!

Here are some of the fiercest females today that are slaying on stage no matter what their age:

Beyoncé who is 35 and JLo at age 47 are still performing to this day and Tina Turner didn’t retire from dancing and performing until she was 69! If these Queens can do it then you can too!

But I can’t dance like them…This is about finding the confidence to put yourself out there and enjoy dancing with a group of girls doing the same thing!

Age isn’t anything but a number and at FIFD, we want you to enjoy yourself and feel fabulous with us, no matter how old you are! Dancing is for everyone!

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